Current Members
Research Interests: Disease ecology, Primate behavior
Email: clnunn [at]
Postdoctoral Fellow
Research Interests: Evolution of sleep, Primate cognition, great ape material culture
Email: drsamson [at]
Ph.D. Student
Research Interests: Evolution, Community ecology, Vector-borne disease, Agent-based modeling, Conservation, Public health
Email: rgriff23 [at]
Ph.D. Student
Research Interests: Cultural and epidemiological transmission dynamics
Email: mccabe [at]
Ph.D. Student
Research Interests: Disease ecology, Seasonality, Behavioral ecology, Behavioral immune system, Disgust
Email: cr199 [at]
Ph.D. Student
Research Interests: Parasite-host coevolution, Disease ecology, Anthropogenic habitat change
Email: ias6 [at]
Masters of Science in Global Health
Research Interests: Vector-borne and zoonotic disease, Wildlife disease surveillance, Applications of the One Health concept
Lab Manager
Research Interests: Evolution and ecology of infectious disease, host-parasite co-evolution, evolution of sex
Research Assistant
Research Interests: Evolutionary medicine, microbiome and health, ecology, Global health
Email: mmanus09 [at]